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10 benefits of outsourcing your Payrolling Services

10 March 2020

Did you know that Horner also offers Payrolling Services?

When you have found the workforce you need or would like to hire someone for your business without the compliance headache, Horner can assist you with our Payrolling Services.

Horner was the sole provider for payrolling services for the City of Melbourne’s Moomba and the City of Port Phillip’s St Kilda Festival.  We have successfully been managing the Moomba festival payroll for 9 years!

There are a number of benefits to you and your organisation outsourcing your Payrolling Services to an experienced, knowledgeable and helpful service provider such as Horner.

  • Saves time
  • Reduce costs
  • Focus on your core business
  • Reduce risks
  • Guaranteed government compliance
  • Improved data security
  • Timely and accurate payment of your workers
  • Access to the latest technology with self-service portal functionality
  • Management and statutory reporting
  • Peace of mind!

And these are just some of the benefits!

Horner can manage the entire process from the on-boarding of your workers in a seamless, timely and welcoming manner, interpreting award/EA arrangements, weekly payments with necessary deductions, provision of detailed Pay Advice, to compliance, invoicing and reporting.

Contact the Horner Payroll Team to find out more >

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