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5 Ingredients for Success; The Roger Federer Formula

31 January 2018

Roger Federer, has just won his 6th Australian Open singles title and taken his career Grand Slam wins to 20.

Being the greatest in the world at something or the best in your field is a feeling that many of us will never get to experience..

So how on earth at age 36, having won everything in the world of tennis from Grand Slams to Olympic medals, to spending a total of 302 weeks as World Number 1, does the Swiss maestro stay motivated to keep competing at the top level, and how in business do you stay at the top of your game year after year?

Without having the opportunity to interview Fed, we have researched 5 key points that we agree are vital ingredients to Federer becoming the greatest sportsman to have ever lived and also successful longevity in business:

1. for the love of the game

Like everything, in order to succeed at something, you have to truly love what you do and there are no doubts about how much Federer loves the sport as a whole. From the long-standing traditions of tournaments, to grass root victories and the legends that have walked the courts before him, Federer has incredible knowledge and appreciation of everything surrounding the game.

Similarly, in business, the passion and understanding of all that your industry represents spills over into your mindset, your decision making and the ability to satisfy the needs of all your clients.

2. Playing mind games

When you have achieved everything it is hard to keep setting yourself new goals.

In his post-match interview just minutes after lifting the Australian Open trophy for the 6th time, Federer already stated how he hoped he would be back next year to defend it. Federer works tirelessly on his game year after year, just as successful suppliers in each industry work on their game year after year to satisfy the needs of their clients..

3. There’s no “I” in team

Whilst being an individual sport Federer has always had a largely consistent team around him including family and coaches.

Although these individuals can’t deliver to Federer’s level on the court, they bring new ideas and fresh approaches for him to execute. In business and especially as a supplier it is imperative to remain hungry to improve and eager to learn from your colleagues and other colleagues in your industry.

4. The competitive drive

“Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right.” – Henry Ford

From Agassi to Hewitt, Roddick, and in recent years Murray, Djokovic and Nadal, it cannot be underestimated how some of Federer’s key competitors over the years have contributed to his success and helped him to always improve and take his game to the next level.

Having strong competition and a desire to win helps suppliers bring their game to new levels, always at benefit to their clients.

5. brand me

Roger Federer is a world recognised brand.

For the rest of us our Brand is equally as important to our success in business, something to be protected at all costs. The easiest way to protect and enhance your brand as a supplier is to service your clients to the best of your ability’s, anything less is not acceptable.

If you like us at Horner Recruitment believe that anything less than always striving to be the best is unacceptable, make an enquiry to experience our proven winning formula.



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