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Horner History – The Journey of Recruiting in Melbourne

04 September 2018

A story from then, till now…

It’s 1975. Gough Whitlam is dismissed, and Malcom Fraser elected. Melbourne’s housing price average is $20,000, the laser printer is invented, and Horner was born.

Horner came into existence at a time where the recruiting industry was at its beginnings. It was a time before the internet, before LinkedIn, where networks were everything and recruitment relied on direct communication. A time where we established our base for recruitment built on real relationships.

(Melbourne Museum station, October 1, 1975 – ABC)

In its most recent 2018 winter edition, the Recruitment & Consulting Services Association of Australia and NZ (RCSA) features the reflections of Joan Page (Institute of Personnel Consultants). Page recalls a recruitment industry that was an informal and unspoken hiring practice through the 1960s into the ’70s – it was commonplace for employers to simply hire candidates in their own image.

“Hiring people who looked like you, who were like you, was very common in the 1960s and 1970s. So, if you looked like the recruiter you had a good chance of getting the job. It’s just how business was done. You could almost pick who someone’s employees were simply by looking at the reflection they were of their boss.” – Joan Page.

The years go by and times change. As the year ticked over to 1990, the internet was born, and Horner took on a fresh look. Just as the world began to connect online, it quickly took up pace, and so did Horner – striving to innovate within the industry. Horner faced a fast-evolving work industry: digitised work practices, changing consumer trends, and, of course, recruiting needs changed too.

(YAHOO, 1990s Internet Browser)

The Horner brand changed hands in 2006 from retiring founder to current owner, Peter Langford. It was a time when Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman got married, Melbourne hosted the Commonwealth games and Horner was re-launched in to a period of unprecedented growth! As Melbourne’s employment needs continued to expand and change among different industries, so did Horner’s expertise and capability.

(Melbourne Commonwealth Games 2006)

In today’s modern age of globalisation, there’s a specific need for local knowledge from your Melbourne recruitment specialists.

In March 2018, worldwide pop-star Jacky Cheung, ‘God of Songs’, performed in Melbourne. We received a call from a prospective client asking for 36 positions to be filled within two days. On short notice, there was a risk of delay. But with Horner (excuse the cliche saying), the show always goes on! Collaborative by nature, behind the scenes, every step of the way – Horner delivered.
With skill, experience and Melbourne recruiting know-how, Horner is able to bring solutions to tough problems.

“The client was recommended to Horner by an existing client. This example is a true endorsement of our service delivery for Temps.” – Phil Webster, Operations Manager

(Watch Jacky Cheung by clicking here)

“The Horner team achieved an extraordinary outcome for the Jacky Cheung concert. It stands as a great testament to the power of working as a collective team and sharing resources for the good of the company, our clients and our temps. It clearly shows that the recruitment landscape has changed.” – Phil Webster.

1975 was way back when. But this is now, recruitment know-how.

Today, the journey continues – Horner is energised and takes on a new look and a new direction, geared for growth.

Why not start a conversation today? See how Horner is the Melbourne recruitment specialists!

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