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HR Compliance

HORNER specialises in helping organisations comply with their HR obligations. We offer a complimentary HR gap analysis followed by recommendations that ensure workplace compliance and enhance team capabilities. We identify areas of risk and can assist to develop and implement the required framework and supportive documentation for your workplace.

A comprehensive gap analysis sets in motion your HR plan

We take a deep dive into every aspect of your human resources as they stand, to assess which elements are working and which need a helping hand. Our dedicated and specialised experts provide a high level of knowledge, which can then be leveraged into key recommendations that will see your business succeed. These areas include:

  • Employment Contracts
  • Job description & KPIs
  • Employee pay & entitlements
  • HR policies & procedures
  • HR supporting documentation
  • Performance Management
  • Process Grievance Procedure

HORNER can work as an extension of your business by providing an outsourced HR team allowing you the time to focus on what you do best – your core business. As a result you will benefit from:

  • HR policies aligned to your business practices, procedures, values and culture
  • An improved onboarding & induction experience from the onset of their employment
  • Fewer HR issues and less uncertainty regarding conditions of employment
  • Employees knowing where they fit in the organisation and how they will be managed and measured
  • Greater productivity, increased staff engagement and improved staff retention

HR Services Case Study

Through organic growth this service leader within the healthcare industry has identified the need to review their HR processes and procedures with the aim to formalise and provide greater structure to existing policies and processes used in the management of their employees.

HORNER HR Services is working in partnership with management at this SME to provide specialist advice and tailored documentation on employment contracts, code of conduct, award reviews, remuneration reviews, discrimination, bullying and harassment, performance management review and grievance procedures.

By working as an outsourced specialist to our client we are able to ensure they are HR compliant and prevent any potential or future risks.

Contact our team to find out more

To begin to introduce this efficiency to your business, contact the team at HORNER. We will provide answers to any and all of your questions and set the wheels in motion for a more streamlined HR strategy for your company.

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