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Australia’s Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) landscape isn’t an easy one to navigate. It’s easy to fall behind with a legislative requirement, or to miss an update while you are busy running your business.

Managing risk and ensuring the safety and well being of your employees can be overwhelming. In many cases, employers often ask “where do I start?”

We specialise in helping organisations comply with their OHS obligations.

We offer an OHS gap analysis (State and Federal) followed by recommendations that ensure workplace legislative compliance and enhance team capabilities. We find out what you have (or don’t have) in place, identify areas of risk and can help to develop and implement the necessary framework and supportive documentation required for your workplace.

Core OHS gap analysis areas include:

  • A quick overview of your strengths
  • Highlighting areas of weakness
  • Identify where gaps exist
  • Provides expert advice on how to review, implement and improve health and safety outcomes

We will work with you to focus on the areas that are relevant to your business, its obligations, responsibilities and overall objectives.