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For an event or exhibition to be successful, you need the best people to work at them. If you name the most public, high-profile and exciting events around Melbourne, the chances are our staff have been involved.

We are highly experienced in providing every level of staff needed in this sector for both short-term and long-term needs. Not only that, but HORNER trains people in the events and exhibition sector in customer service, safety and regulatory needs.

Whatever the event, we can provide high-quality staff to keep it running smoothly and ensure success. When you need people for front and back of house, management roles and other positions, we provide highly targeted event recruitment for Melbourne organisations. Everything we do is designed around you, which is why our clients choose HORNER time and time again, to fulfil all their needs in event recruitment.

Melbourne Events: Case Study

The client: A Large National Event Logistics Organisation

We have supported this large national event logistics organisation for over a decade in the supply of temporary staff for positions ranging from forklift drivers, spotters, container unloaders, safety officers and event coordinators. We recruit, roster, manage and payroll a temporary workforce of up to 250 for each event.

Because of the nature of these events, organisers can benefit from our ability to scale up or down quickly, helping to keep costs down.

Rostering becomes a moving target driven by our client and changes are usually required at short notice. We work closely with this organisation to forecast their workforce needs so that we can ensure our pool of skilled, inducted and experienced staff are ready when needed. We manage a “buddy” system for newly introduced staff to the pool, which reduces downtime.

The strength of our relationship and our ability to provide the right people every year is based on a dedicated focus (we are on-site every week), thorough and timely planning, and the honest feedback exchange we have developed to ensure we fine-tune our service, so it always hits the mark.

The General Manager had this to say about us:

“HORNER is able to fulfil our mobile workforce requirement for the large volume of shows and events we do every year. They are fully conversant with the safety and security procedures associated with these types of events and I would highly recommend them for supplying staff. We won’t use any other provider…we have tried others but keep coming back to HORNER because they deliver.”

Contact us for Exhibition Recruitment in Melbourne

For top-shelf event and exhibition staff, don’t hesitate to contact HORNER. We can answer any questions you may have and set in motion a tailor-made, detail-oriented plan that meets the specific outcomes of your event.

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