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Recruiting for executive and senior management positions is an essential part of your company’s success; everything rests upon making the right choice for your executive team. Not only do your leaders inspire the rest of the company and lead them to meet the goals and KPIs you’ve set out, but they are privy to sensitive information on a daily basis, and make important decisions on behalf of the company. We understand the importance of having great staff and the positive impact a great recruit can have on your business.

It’s a decision that can’t be taken lightly, which is why it can be difficult. It can also be a long and complicated process at this level.

That’s why, at HORNER, we provide a comprehensive executive search service. By outsourcing your recruitment to our skilled experts, you’re receiving a partner in your human resources processes who is looking out for your every recruitment need. With us, you can get back to your day job, rather than struggling through the process alongside your regular tasks.

Tailored Executive Search solution

Our recruitment solution is tailored specifically to your unique requirements, proactively sourcing outstanding talent, utilising multiple best-practice channels including targeted advertising. In-house specialists assist with researching active and passive candidate markets whilst accessing our extensive pre-qualified database of candidates, networking, online community groups, industry contacts and web based channels according to the brief.

At every step of the way – from setting expectations, sourcing  candidates, interviewing and reference checking to onboarding and handling negations regarding salary package and even relocation arrangements, we’ll prove ourselves as a dedicated partner of your business.

Secure an executive who meets your precise needs

At the start of the process, we meet with your key stakeholders to establish what it is you’re looking for in a senior manager, and what goals you want to meet as an organisation. We know that every company is unique and your business differs even from others in your industry. That’s why we do not adopt a singular approach – we take our robust formula learnt over many years of recruiting experience, and mold and adapt it to your business. At the end of the recruitment process, we provide as much guidance as is necessary to ensure that your new hire adapts to your organisation and fits right in.

Contact our dedicated team today

To open a discussion on how we can provide professional management & senior appointment permanent recruitment services for your next role, contact one of the experts here in Melbourne. We will consult and partner with you to become an extension of your business providing a recruitment solution tailored specifically to your unique requirements.  Secure the right management appointments to meet your business goals. Speak to HORNER today.