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In the complex industrial sector, the roles we recruit range from assembly and production line workers to factory managers, production planners and technical roles in research and development and even laboratory experts. Our candidates are experienced and ready to slot right into your business.

As a specialist in the industrial, manufacturing and technical sectors, we understand the demands of your business, its peaks and troughs, and the skill sets and experience you require new staff to have. Utilising our temporary workforce could make the difference in meeting your next deadline, fulfilling that order or exceeding your customers’ expectations. As an experienced recruitment business, being able to react quickly and effectively to requests for staff is not only a requirement but our core strength. You can rely on HORNER to keep your business moving while allowing you to get back to doing your job.

What’s more, we are able to find candidates to meet all your staffing needs, from temporary on-hired staff and contractual workers to permanent employees.

What’s the difference when it comes to our recruitment

We provide people with experience and we do it quickly so you can get on with running your business. From highly skilled and qualified technical experts to competently skilled operators who keep production on the move, HORNER has recruited them all…probably many times over.

In this sector, the most important success factor is experienced people. Why would you risk your business on anything less?

At HORNER, we’re dedicated to your success and combine fast turnaround times with top quality hires, every time. We don’t compromise on talent, but by drawing on our experience, we demonstrate efficient results.

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