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Tailored Recruitment Solutions For Melbourne Not-for-Profits


Build the team you need to build a better world. Horner delivers a full range of recruitment services for Melbourne’s expansive not for profit sector. We understand the funding constraints and unique financial circumstances of organisations working in this space and have developed custom solutions to help them find the right talent.

Horner’s HR and recruitment solutions are perfectly tuned to the needs and budgets of the not for profit sector. We help organisations of every size cost effectively and efficiently resolve their human resources problems, ensuring that goals are achieved and key performance indicators are met.

A Breadth & Depth of Experience with Not for Profit Organisations

At Horner, we understand the diversity of the not for profit sector. Having worked with groups across a range of concerns including disability support, youth services, Indigenous matters, community and arts spaces, religious organisations, professional associations and more, we understand the need for a tailored solution for each organisation.
Horner understands that the strongest partnerships and the best outcomes are built on real relationships, and it’s on this principle that we base our recruitment services. Just as every person you help is unique and needs a unique response to their concerns, we believe there’s no one-size-fits-all solution for your human resources challenges. With our support, Melbourne organisations can reach further, be bolder and help more people, allowing them to better serve their communities.

While many organisations exclusively hire from within the not for profit community, Horner has a different approach. We’ve found that taking a broad approach that recognises the numerous ways that people from outside the sector can contribute to your success can deliver surprising and exciting results. We base our search on transferable core competencies, bringing in new ideas and fresh blood that can help drive your organisation forward. Using our strong, Melbourne-wide networks, we conduct a thorough recruitment process that delivers the talent needed to help you achieve your desired performance outcomes.

We understand that many not for profit organisations are trying to get the most out of every cent spent, but that doesn’t mean compromising on quality of service or the depth of your impact. Horner has extensive experience building lean, competitive and highly effective human resources solutions for organisations working both internationally and solely in the Australian space. Maximise the value of every investment, grant and donation and do better than ever before for the people in your community.

Contact Horner for Charity and Not-for-profit Recruitment Services

To discuss your individual recruitment needs, get in touch with Horner. We can assist you with your temporary, contract or permanent staffing needs in Melbourne. We will run you through our process and give you insights about how we would make an effective partner for your NFP.

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