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Dynamic Temporary Staffing Services for Melbourne Businesses


Delivering temporary staffing solutions that are as agile as you. When your needs change or demand soars, Horner can be there for you. We provide temporary staffing for a wide range of blue- and white-collar roles across every industry, seamlessly connecting your organisation with the people it needs to get the job done now.

At Horner, we like to think of our temporary staffing solutions as the pain relief for your HR headache. The reason for this is simple: we have developed and honed our methodology over many years so we can deliver on your needs, whether you are focused on speed, volume, costs or quality. Whether you require additional staff to assist during peak seasons, or if you have an employee who is away sick or taking annual leave, we want to provide the solution.

Working with Horner means partnering with a business that offers speed, precision and dedication to its clients. When the market moves fast, you need someone who can move faster. Rather than undertake the process yourself and risk falling behind, outsource the recruitment process to someone who knows it inside and out, meaning you can get back to what you do best.

Let Horner manage the sourcing, payroll and management of a temporary workforce or even provide just that one extra team member. It could make the difference in delivering on that project, meeting that deadline or fulfilling that order, ensuring that you always have the resources needed to exceed your customers’ expectations.

Suiting jobs of every description with custom temporary staffing approaches

Horner’s temporary staffing solutions are designed to enhance your business, helping you meet your goals and achieve your version of success. Our recruitment methodology has been designed from the ground up to be as collaborative as possible, ensuring that in all things your business’ unique needs, structures and key performance indicators are honoured and reflected in the process. Even when supplying temporary staffing for short-term jobs and projects, we take care to ensure that the staff we provide align with your business’ requirements, core values and objectives, delivering perfect matches even at short-notice. We only want the best for you – and we’ll exceed expectations to deliver it.

We don’t consider our solutions to be a quick fix on the fly. We have developed tried and true formulas across years of experience that can be adapted to your unique needs, and we treat every situation with respect. Although we are efficient in managing your recruitment process, you can rely on the same level of diligence and precision as if we were searching for a permanent team-member—that’s the Horner guarantee.

Contact Us to Find Out More About our Temporary Staffing Solutions

When your headache needs pain relief give us a call. Our skilled consultants will schedule a meeting to walk you through our process and explain how our temporary workforce solution can benefit you and your organisation. Contact us today.

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