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Horner is now a licensed Labour Hire Provider in Victoria

19 February 2020

We are pleased to announce to our Horner Community that the Labour Hire Authority in Victoria has approved our provisional Labour Hire licence and we are now officially a licenced Labour Hire provider.

Horner’s licence number is VICLHL01695.

This new Licensing Scheme for Victoria is controlled by the Labour Hire Licensing Authority under the Labour Hire Licensing Act 2018. The Act introduces a licensing scheme for providers of labour hire across all industry sectors.

If you a Host Employer

If your organisation is a host employer (user of labour hire services) you must also comply with the licensing scheme by only engaging labour services from a licensed provider (like Horner). Should your current agency not be a licensed Labour Hire provider, get in touch with the Horner team to find out how we can assist you.

The key elements of the licensing scheme are:

  • labour hire providers must be licensed to operate in Victoria
  • those who use labour hire providers must only engage licensed providers
  • labour hire providers must report annually on their labour hire activities.

The Labour Hire Licensing Authority will also undertake education, enforcement and compliance activity and through the scheme, it is hoped that workers will be protected against exploitation from unlicensed labour hire providers and by host employers not engaging unlicensed providers.

For more information visit

If you are a Labour Hire Worker

Workers are generally individuals employed and paid by labour hire providers (like Horner) and supplied to host businesses or organisations on a full-time, part-time or casual basis.

This new scheme aims to protect labour hire workers (like you) from exploitation by seeking to ensure that only licensed labour hire providers operate in Victoria. Workers will be able to have confidence that licensed labour hire providers have demonstrated appropriate compliance with workplace, taxation and occupational health and safety laws.

Workers who are entering into an arrangement with a labour hire provider are advised to check if the provider is licensed.

For more information visit

Contact Us

As a professional and ethical recruitment agency in Melbourne, we are pleased to officially be a licenced Labour Hire provider in both Victoria and Queensland.

Should you have any questions regarding this new licensing scheme or require a copy of our certificate, please feel free to contact Peter Langford, Director or Tess Jones, Manager – Corporate Services on 03 9604 2800 or email

If your current agency is not a licensed labour hire provider, get in touch with the Horner team to find out how we can assist you.

We’re here to help!


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