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10 Tips for Working from Home

14 April 2020

Are you working from home (WFH) or planning to work from home?

Here are Horner’s 10 tips for working at home, safely and productively!

  • Set up a dedicated workspace at home. Always remember safety first! Set up your workspace ergonomically, with an appropriate five star office chair, well lit, and ensure there are no hazards (i.e. electrical cords neat and safe, no risk of trips). Preferably not on your bed, couch or kitchen bench!
  • Plan out your day and try to keep to a schedule and routine.
  • Dress smartly especially if you are having video conferencing meetings. No one wants to see you in your PJ’s or onesie!
  •  Regularly connect with your supervisor and colleagues. If you are a Horner Casual then keep in touch with your Horner Consultant too.
  • Utilise technology tools and apps to be more productive and keep connected.
  • Ensure you have a short break and stretch every 2 hours.
  •  Try to minimise noise and distractions as best you can from your new “colleagues” at home.
  • Remember to drink water and maintain healthy habits! Try to avoid too many treats from the kitchen!
  • Take time each day to go for a walk or do some exercise at home.
  • Use your non-commute time to unwind, try a new hobby or spend time connecting with your family or friends.

Looking for more tips and advice?

For more tips, advice and job opportunities across Melbourne, connect with Horner Recruitment on our socials – FacebookInstagram and LinkedIn.

Need temporary staff to work from home?

Are some or all of your organisation’s workforce now working from home (WFH) or planning to do so shortly?

If you require temporary staff and need them to also work from home we have policies, procedures and insurance in place to be able to facilitate this.

The safety of our temporary staff is important and we have additional online OHS modules for temporary staff to undertake to minimise risks when working from home.

To discuss your options and specific requirements, reach out to Horner today.

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Horner, we’re the Melbourne Recruitments Specialists.  And we’re here to help.

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