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OHS Consulting Keeping Melbourne Safe 


Keep your staff safe, effortlessly. Ensuring that your team can clock in and out without fear of injury or death is the most critical promise a leadership team can deliver on. But in a growing, changing workplace, particularly during the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19), managing hazards and ensuring employee safety is complex.

When processes and documentation fail to keep pace with the business’ progress, that shortfall can expose your employees to significant risk. Knowing that you can hit this moving target with certainty is of vital importance—not just for the sake of your business but for their own wellbeing and that of their families too. It should be the organisation’s number one priority on a day to day basis—and if you’re going to get anything right, this should be it.

To help everyone in Melbourne go home safely every night, we offer local organisations a comprehensive range of consulting solutions that deliver the skills and knowledge your staff need to create a safe, fully compliant workplace. Our services cover everything from potential risks and theoretical elements to practical interventions and smarter ways of working.

Discover how a 360° approach to your organisation’s OHS practices could help to protect your most valuable resource—your employees—while creating a safe environment for all contractors and visitors.

What OHS Consulting Can Achieve for You

Nothing saps an employee’s morale like having to wonder if they’re safe in their work environment. Make a commitment to building a happy, healthy and engaged workforce with OHS consulting from Horner, helping to minimise risk, ensure compliance and improve on the job performance.

Proud to be Melbourne’s OHS specialists, our staff have extensive knowledge of all relevant Victorian and Commonwealth workplace regulations and legislation. With a breadth and depth of experience helping businesses across all industries keep their workers safe, we can provide your organisation with up-to-date advice and training on all areas of workplace health and safety to ensure OHS best practice is achieved.

Why Should I Improve My OHS Practices?

Any organisation looking to maximise its successes while minimising exposure to risk should consider reviewing their OHS processes and practices.

A smarter approach to OHS can lift your bottom line in many ways:

  • Lower incident and injury rates
  • Improved return to work outcomes
  • Improved WorkCover performance
  • Savings to annual WorkCover premiums
  • Business outcomes and objectives aligned with legislative framework
  • Awareness of the “gaps” within current OHS system
  • Safety recognised as a key business principal and driver of improvement by all employees
  • Employees are engaged in the process of identifying and implementing safety improvements

Speak to Our OHS Consultants Today

Discover how you could be better supporting your team. Talk to our OHS consultants about bettering your safety practices today to book a complimentary initial consultation.