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Let us find a high performer for your team

Do you know the feeling when you reach out for assistance and the person really listens, understands your needs and provides a solution that shows they really get where you are coming from? At HORNER, we know that feeling, and that’s why we’re proud to offer a comprehensive service that doesn’t just achieve your business aims, but provides you the satisfaction of a job well done.

Whether you’re looking for a permanent employee to replace an existing role or you have a newly created position you want to recruit for, HORNER is able to provide the level of service you’re looking for. We can recruit roles at all levels of your organisation from entry level to executive.

Through every facet of your business

HORNER’s permanent recruitment solution will help you navigate the laws, work within compliance requirements and most importantly find the best person that will feel like a pair of shoes with the perfect fit. We partner with you to find an employee who will also suit your team, culture and working style. Comfortable, easy, and headache free.

We understand the importance of having highly talented and motivated employees. We are keenly aware of the positive impact a great recruit can have on your business. When starting your recruitment process, we gain a sound understanding of your business and objectives, which enables us to act as an extension of your business aligning core values and objectives prior to going to market. We listen to your needs and understand exactly what the role entails before we research, approach, qualify and recommend our shortlist of candidates. Our recruitment solution is tailored specifically to your unique requirements, proactively sourcing outstanding talent, and utilising multiple best-practice channels including networking and targeted advertising.

HORNER can take care of every stage of the recruitment process: from sourcing, screening and interviewing, to conducting checks, negotiating employment packages and onboarding. Alternatively, you can outsource only the elements you need assistance with such as the advertising and screening or psychometric testing. It doesn’t matter if you need one or one hundred new employees, our proven recruitment methodology will deliver you exactly what you’re looking for.

Contact our experienced consulting team today

Find out the difference a highly talented and motivated new team member can make to your organisation. Let us explain how our recruitment solution can benefit you and your organisation. Contact the experts at HORNER recruitment for more details.

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